Uncover your power

Unlock NYC helps you uncover your own power so you can flex your rights on your housing search. Whether you’re hearing “no vouchers” or getting ghosted over and over again, our team and our tools are here. We can connect you to resources, amplify your voice, and help you unlock housing.

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Flex your rights

Keep a paper trail of your search. You’ll be more confident, organized, and prepared when you use our free Rights Recorder app to record phone calls, collect evidence, and report unfair treatment.

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Unlock housing opportunities

Share your report with a lawyer, government official, or someone else who can help you resolve the issue you are facing. When you speak up about housing discrimination, you can unlock housing for yourself – and others.

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Unlocking doors since 2021

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photograph of hands holding set of keys
photograph of hands holding set of keys
photograph of hands holding set of keys


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New Yorkers standing up against discrimination

"[My response from Unlock NYC] was SO different from every single agency I had to interact with. I was just like wow, you read the whole thing? And that mattered."

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Kamilah Newton

Unlock NYC user and Activist-in-Residence

Not quite what you're looking for?

Unlock NYC helps you record and report discrimination on your housing search. If you’re having a different issue, try one of these organizations!