Stay one step ahead of landlords with our Rights Recorder app. Capture evidence of shady behavior so you can report brokers and landlords when they violate your rights! It's 100% free and you don't need to download anything.

How it Works

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Sign up

The first time you use Rights Recorder, we'll ask you a few questions about yourself, your housing search, and your voucher, so we can understand what you need.

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Collect evidence

Rights Recorder helps you collect evidence and stay organized. Build your paper trail by recording phone calls with brokers and landlords and taking clear screenshots of emails and text messages.

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Submit your report

Don't wait! Use Rights Recorder to make a report while the details are fresh in your mind. The sooner you report, the more options you may have.

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Take action!

Unlock NYC adds all reports anonymously to our community map, and we can also share your report with a legal service provider for personalized advice.

Where can you send a report?

Unlock NYC identifies and connects you to legal service providers who may be able to review your evidence, conduct additional investigation, and help you take action. We have helped over 600 New Yorkers share their reports with organizations like:

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Do you have a list of landlords that accept vouchers?

No, we’re not brokers! Plus, virtually all landlords should accept vouchers if the applicant qualifies for the apartment they have advertised. However, we do offer tools, tips, and solidarity to support New Yorkers with vouchers throughout the apartment search process and can help renters speak up when they're being treated unfairly. Many of our team members and volunteers have been through the housing search process with a voucher in NYC, and can speak about what worked for them. Everyone’s situation is different, and we speak from our own experiences in the spirit of community-building and mutual aid.

How do you keep personal information private and secure?

We are an independent group that is not affiliated with any real estate management company, landlord, real estate company, government agency, or shelter. You can choose to report anonymously, and we will never share your personal information without your permission. We strongly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and let us know if you have any questions.

I need to speak with a housing attorney. Can you help?

Our team does not have any lawyers on staff and we cannot provide legal advice or representation. However, if you ask us to, we can connect you with an organization who can talk to you about your rights and options under the law and may be able to connect you with legal services. The Met Council on Housing also has a guide to finding a lawyer for housing-related issues here, which you may find helpful.

What does Unlock NYC do with my report?

Unlock NYC will add anonymized details about the incident you share with us to our crowdsourced database of where voucher holders are experiencing unfair treatment, who’s doing it, and what tactics they’re using. We work with advocacy partners like the VALUE in Housing Campaign to shine a light on how voucher discrimination is impacting New Yorkers and what needs to change (for an example, check out one of our reports here)

If you want individual help with your specific situation, you can also request that we send a copy of your report to organizations who provide counseling on your rights and may be able to connect you to legal services if needed. We can currently connect you with the NYC Commission on Human Rights, the Fair Housing Justice Center, Fordham Right to Housing & Litigation Clinic, Mobilization for Justice, and Communities Resist, depending on what happened, where it happened, and what you hope to do about it.

You also don’t have to use Unlock NYC to report! If you prefer, you can report directly to agencies and organizations such as the NYC Commission on Human Rights, the HRA/DSS Source of Income Unit, the Fair Housing Justice Center, the New York State Division of Human Rights, the New York State Attorney General's Office, or the Fordham Right to Housing Clinic, among others.

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