How it Works

Spread the word about housing discrimination

After you sign up, you’ll receive our Partner Welcome Kit with digital resources to help you spread the word about Unlock NYC and source of income discrimination. Your clients can create their own account with us (and even designate you as their advocate) to access resources to help them stay confident, informed, and engaged in their housing search.

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Help your clients report

With our easy-to-use reporting app, you can make reports for your clients or have them report on their own. You and your clients will receive a copy of any reports made, and we keep each report file in an encrypted digital vault for added security.

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Stay in the loop

Get exclusive access to our latest intel about discrimination tactics on our radar, new resources for your clients, and important updates about voucher programs.

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Here to listen and problem solve with you

We offer regular opportunities for advocates to join virtual "office hours," where a member of our team is standing by to listen to your challenges, show you how our tools work, and answer any questions you have about source of income discrimination or our programs.


Can you present to our staff about your work?

We love meeting new people who share our passion for ending housing discrimination and wish we could say yes to every request to conduct a workshop or presentation. However, our small team (only 4 staff!) fields more requests than we can handle. Starting in 2024, we encourage organizations to take advantage of our pre-recorded resources, online community, and public events to engage with Unlock NYC.

We do offer private trainings and workshops on a sliding scale fee to cover the cost of preparation and facilitation – contact us if this is of interest to your organization.

Do you have a list of landlords that accept vouchers?

No, we’re not brokers! Plus, virtually all landlords should accept vouchers if the applicant qualifies for the apartment they have advertised. However, we do offer tools, tips, and solidarity to support New Yorkers with vouchers throughout the apartment search process and can help renters speak up when they're being treated unfairly. Many of our team members and volunteers have been through the housing search process with a voucher in NYC, and can speak about what worked for them. Everyone’s situation is different, and we speak from our own experiences in the spirit of community-building and mutual aid.

I have a client who is really frustrated about their housing search. Can they talk to someone at Unlock NYC?

Yes! Please encourage your client to make a report about any unfair treatment they’ve experienced from landlords and brokers on their housing search. Every new Unlock NYC user will be contacted directly by a compassionate and knowledgable member of our Individual Justice team and be connected to our resources and community events.

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