A targeted intervention, rooted in community

We don’t see tech as “the” solution to housing discrimination. Instead, our accessible web app creates an outsized impact by working within the fair housing ecosystem – activating tenants, saving time for attorneys, and equipping advocates with data and insights. It's cost-effective, impactful, and always guided by feedback from our movement partners.

5 people gather around a long table painting posters for an upcoming rally, with slogans like "If you discriminate, we will litigate!"

An issue that impacts all New Yorkers

When vouchers work, they can be a game-changing tool for our city’s most vulnerable tenants. Domestic violence survivors can find safety. Patients facing health challenges can find a place to recover. Youth aging out of foster care can find a home of their own. Let’s talk about how housing discrimination impacts the communities you support – and what we can do together to end it.

NYC subway riders walk past a PSA poster for Unlock NYC's mobile app, with whimsical keys and graphics in the background.

A unique governance model

Unlock NYC’s team is multidisciplinary, intergenerational, 100% women, and majority-led by tenants who have firsthand experience with housing discrimination. Engaged users join us as leaders, building skills in nonprofit strategy and governance while contributing to our mission.

Seven members of the Unlock NYC team smiling at a celebration lunch for our Leadership Collective graduating cohort

Creating lasting impact and thriving futures


New Yorkers housed


community organizations supported


taxpayer dollars saved

Unlock NYC prioritizes building a financially healthy future for our organization so that we can sustain and support our team's creativity, wellbeing, and energy. Our compensation and team structure are carefully designed to ensure that our staff can support their families, have housing stability, and pursue passions outside of work. Initiatives like our unique emergency fund and technology access lending library enable a more diverse group of interns, volunteers, and contractors to work with us, regardless of their economic situation. We seek funding partners who value the time and financial investment required to create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

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