Rights Recorder

Looking for an apartment? Use our free Rights Recorder app to record phone calls you make to brokers, keep track of any unfair treatment – and do something about it.

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Tools for housing advocates

Supporting voucher holders on their housing search? Join our community of housing specialists and advocates for tips, tools, and ways to unlock more doors with your clients.

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Community-powered mapping

Curious to see how widespread this issue is in your neighborhood? Check out our unique crowdsourced map to see where Unlock NYC’s users have reported suspected discrimination.

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"With Unlock, I feel the most supported I have felt in years."

K.N., Rights Recorder app user

"[Unlock NYC] made me feel like my own words actually matter."

H. L., Rights Recorder app user

"The journey doesn’t stop here. I will always support Unlock NYC for supporting me."

N.C., Rights Recorder app user

"I never imagined having my own home in New York, being the owner of my own keys – all thanks to Unlock NYC."

S.M., Tenant

"[Unlock NYC’s Rights Recorder] will support advocacy campaigns and movement-wide efforts to fight back and fix this broken system."

Annie Carforo, housing advocate

Latest report: Serial Discriminators List

Made possible by 500+ New Yorkers who shared 1,800+ tips of suspected SOI discrimination across all five boroughs, our inaugural Serial Discriminators List shines a light on who is locking voucher holders out of housing – and how we can hold them accountable.

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Leadership Collective alum Nailah leads the launch of our Serial Discriminators list at City Hall in October 2023