Today, thousands of New Yorkers are locked out of the housing market due to “source of income (SOI) discrimination”– one of the most pervasive forms of illegal housing bias in New York City. Targeting prospective tenants with rental assistance vouchers and supplemental incomes, SOI discriminatory practices promote a form of modern-day redlining. In response, Neighbors Together and Unlock NYC partnered to expose the scale of the problem, the nuances of how SOI discrimination is practiced and how it has changed over time, and its devastating impact on New Yorkers fighting to secure stable housing. In addition to analyzing 500 untapped SOI discrimination reports with the help of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and the Housing Data Coalition, we have synthesized the history of rental assistance vouchers, examined the current policy and enforcement landscape, and conducted interviews with voucher holders to ground our findings in the emotional and material impacts of SOI discrimination.

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